Job availability... Senior Retail Buyer

7th Sep 2017

The Senior Retail Buyer will be responsible for all buying, planning and development of product, while implementing a buying and ranging plan that focuses on successfully engaging the target customer. You will ensure that the plan enhances business direction and delivers maximum profitability for future growth.

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Thirty Year Record Smashed by Billy at National Championships

14th Jan 2017

Today (Saturday 14th January) saw Raglan’s Billy Stairmand smash a thirty year old record by securing his sixth title in the Open Men’s Division of the 2017 National Surfing Championships presented by Health 2000 and becoming the most winningest surfer in New Zealand history.

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Plastic Bag free Raglan, one step closer...

27th Nov 2016

The Plastic Bag Free Raglan team has been struggling to keep a big secret over the last few months, but we are excited to announce that... Starting today, Raglan households will be receiving one, free reusable jute shopping bag, as part of our efforts in shifting our community into a ‘single-use shopping bag free town’.

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Raglan to host Surf Community Day

21st Jan 2016

Join leading researchers from the University of Waikato’s Sport and Leisure Department and international researchers at the ‘+Surf for Social Good’ Community Day in Raglan.

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Billy takes the three peat and wins record 5th National title over shaper!

18th Jan 2016

Hughes Surfboards team rider Billy Stairmand has claimed his third straight national title at the 2016 Billabong National Surfing Championships presented by Health 2000, held at St Clair Beach, Dunedin.

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Kelly Slater just built the worlds best wave

20th Dec 2015

The Wave Gods have spoken. And with great power they’ve bestowed upon surfing’s only son the technology and means to make the world’s greatest artificial surf spot. Like other incarnations before it, the Kelly Slater Wave Company aims to bring the joy of surfing to landlocked regions, while also creating an arena for progression.

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Raglan lifeguards in fund fight

6th Dec 2015

Lifeguards are worried a lack of funding could put swimmers at risk, with a busy surf lifesaving club forced to cut their patrols in half, just as they face abuse for not being on duty when a swimmer went missing.

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30 hours 11 minutes is the new (unofficial) world surf record!

17th Nov 2015

Reckon you’ve ever had a long session? One of those sessions where you just can’t go in because the waves are too good, or because you’re on a mission? I reckon a crazy long session at a place like JBay, for example, where you don’t want to go in because it’s just too good, is about five hours absolute max. Any more than that and you’re of your game. Your feet get cold, your body gets stiff, and you actually start surfing like a bit of a kook.

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Billy Stairmand : Little Things

21st Oct 2015

Hughes Surfboards and Raglan Surf Co. team rider Billy Stairmand spends the majority of the year living out of his suitcase, surfing unfamiliar waves, and eating foreign food. Downtime to focus on ideas can sometimes be hard to put into action between airports, so during the recent NZ winter Billy made the most of his time and spent it with local Raglan Grom and up coming filmer/editor Billy Lee-Pope, working on his first full feature clip, Little Things...

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Patagonia Yulex : From Seed to Suit

9th Oct 2015

It’s a long way from the farmlands of Arizona to the nearest breaking wave, so we didn’t expect to find the inspiration for our most important surf initiative in one of America’s driest states. But when you’re trying to get somewhere new, sometimes you have to go to an unexpected place.

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A Morning with Julian Wilson

2nd Oct 2015

Newly-crowned Pipe Master and current world number two, Julian Wilson was between world tour events and spending some time in his rented apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Bondi. The reason we were drawn to Julian is because we’ve recently learned of his headspace around quality waves and making the most of every session. We’d seen him on tricky boards, riding longboards and generally sporting an open mind about surf craft selection.

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Will Surfing be part of the 2020 Olympics?

1st Oct 2015

One step closer to joining the ranks of skeet shooting and javelin throw, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially recommended surfing for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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Billy runner up at Red Bull Unleashed, Hawaiian Albee Layer takes the win!

20th Sep 2015

Raglan local Billy Stairmand has proved he has the talent amongst the worlds best expressive surfers and has placed runner up at Red Bull Unleashed held over the weekend. The contest created much hype due to it's unique competition 'duel' format, as well as the obvious of being held in the middle of Wales, on a man made fresh water wave.

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Red Bull to run new format surf event in fresh water pool!

3rd Sep 2015

Red Bull Unleashed is a brand new surfing event set to feature some of the most progressive surfers in the world. Held in the best man-made surfing lagoon ever built, a capacity crowd of 2,500 spectators will be closer to the action than at any previous surfing event.

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